little bricks — iPhone game

little bricks — iPhone game

We are proud to announce this most interesting and excellent BrickBreaker game on iphone. we added lots of interesting elements in it such as the interesting props. We also designed 7 interesting parts here. Each one has its own unique design. And every map in these parts is also different from any others. We hope you will enjoy it.


Little Bricks is a new way to play the old game,as the common game,players control the baffle to make the ball back,and let the ball breaks all the bricks.

The Little Bricks includ two types which are simple and super.



In simple point,the players will feeling of the nature,dark night,snow,windmill and desert.everythine will make you surprise

In super point,the players will challenge the thunder storm in the night and the sand storm in the desert.

It’s going to thunder!Be careful, the sand storm is coming!Be careful thunder storm and sand storm.

2011 EPGame


___________________________My latest product。

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